Tailored Solutions for You 
We fully embrace the tech shift, empowering our team with the latest tools in productivity, communication, marketing, and sales. Training our agents to adeptly use these technologies, we stay ahead, delivering innovative solutions to surpass industry standards.


We prioritize providing our agents with a productive and convenient workspace. Our office is equipped with modern amenities to support their needs. This includes expansive HD displays in boardrooms for impactful presentations, robust computers, and ergonomic workstations to enhance productivity. We offer convenient electronic charging stations and high-quality USB office headsets for phone conversations.

Throughout the office, agents have access to high-performance printers, scanners, and fax stations. Additionally, our Design Studio provides access to a state-of-the-art Xerox 700i Digital Colour Press printer for all marketing requirements. We’re dedicated to creating an environment where our agents can focus on serving their clients and closing deals.


In our commitment to social media success, we provide tailored training sessions that guide you in building a dedicated fan base and attracting valuable leads. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, our workshops cater to different skill levels, ensuring everyone can leverage social media to enhance their professional presence.

We offer ongoing support with access to cutting-edge tools, workshops, and a collaborative learning environment. This ensures you stay updated on the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing. Regular analytics and performance reviews further refine your social media strategies for continuous improvement, empowering you to stay ahead in the ever-evolving online landscape.

Our agents prioritize mobility while upholding effective communication and knowledge sharing. Whether you have property inquiries, need vendor recommendations, or seek marketing advice, our solution is a dedicated Facebook group. This exclusive space enables swift and efficient communication, fostering teamwork even in remote settings, showcasing our commitment to leveraging technology for seamless collaboration.

Our private Facebook group is a testament to our belief that connectivity enhances productivity. It serves as a dynamic platform for agents to share insights, ask questions, and collectively contribute to our team’s success, regardless of their physical location.

Agent Incorporation
Incorporating your agent business is sensible when your income reaches a certain threshold, where tax savings outweigh incorporation costs. By strategically planning taxes, you can save up to 60% on your current income tax bill. Incorporation can be achieved without expanding your team or premises; technology and outsourcing streamline operations. To start a brokerage without a broker’s license, consider partnerships or technology platforms. Stay informed about potential CRA proposals impacting self-incorporation rules to adapt and comply proactively.


Community Team Building
RE/MAX Community Realty’s Team Building Services helps Team leads build, grow, and promote their Team and run a profitable team business model. RE/MAX Community Realty will teach team leads how to carefully select team members, staff, and partners to grow their Team to some of the best within RE/MAX. Team leads will be shown how to motivate, and educate their team members to grow successful careers.

Excited to guide you towards new heights with our expertise at
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